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How to Organize Your Coupons

Extreme couponing requires you to be patient and organized. Keeping the coupons in order will save you time and effort if it is arranged in an organized manner. Coupons are cut outs from magazines or newspapers and fliers,  since not everyone has the chance to have these coupons, you better keep it in a place wherein you can easily find it in case you are ready to shop or do your grocery.  Extreme couponing is done by individuals who are always seeking for bargains and great deals. Moms usually do this task to be able to save extra cash. Budgeting is one of the hardest things to do especially if the budget is not enough or limited only and in order to save, extreme couponing is practiced by not only moms but also other people who are in a tight budget.

Extreme couponing is an act of collecting coupons from different companies and using it to get bigger discounts. As these coupons pile up, it must be arranged accordingly, by the date and product type.

Here are 3 methods on how to organize your coupons :

  • Whole Insert Filing Method – grab several folders label it with Date and Product, once you have a cut out of coupon, you can simply insert it according to its type. Place it in a box arrange it alphabetically and label the folder tabs. This is probably the easiest method because all you need to do is insert it accordingly. When you are ready to shop, lets say a cereal you can choose which among the coupons have the highest value.
  • Coupon Binder Method – coupon binder can be taken anywhere, once you spotted a great clearance find, you can get out of the car and shop right then and there. You can take advantage of the sale because you have the coupon with you. All you need is a binder, tab dividers and a clear protector sheet. It is usually divided into several sections so you can insert the coupons according to its category and you can see it clearly. Use the tab dividers for labelling. If you are new to extreme couponing then this one is easy to use and less complicated.
  • Coupon Wallet Method – It fits in your bag but the space of this wallet is limited. If you are into extreme couponing, this one is too small for you. But if you prefer to use this type, carry only coupons that are important or close to the expiry date.

A person who practices extreme couponing must keep the coupons organized at all times to avoid confusion. Since these coupons have different expiry dates, make sure to throw away the expired coupons every month. Choose a method that works well for you, or do a combination if you want to.

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