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Guide to Coupons

Coupons are primarily used to save cash and gain more items without the need of paying the actual cost of a certain item. This form of marketing strategy has been practiced for years by business owners who want to attract more customers who will purchase their products or services. Coupons are highly patronized by shoppers who are searching for ways to be thrifty and how to shop in a cheaper way. There are two types of shoppers, one is somebody who is willing to splurge and doesn’t care about the cost of the items he or she intends to buy while the other one is a shopper who buys in bulk and uses coupons in order to save.Clip Coupons

The system of giving away coupons is a form of advertising which is beneficial for shoppers and the company. These companies post ads everywhere giving away coupons to get you into their shops. For example, the posted ad states that a can of tuna costs only $6 if you have a coupon and the actual price is $7, using this can save you $1 which is not bad at all. While the other ad (same company) posted “buy one, get one free”. Now these companies expect a shopper to use either of these two coupons but what if they used it all together and shop big time? The canned tuna will cost only $6 and you get the second can for free so its like $3 each can. If you have several of these coupons you can save a lot of money even if the product is not on sale. Using several coupons at a time is called extreme couponing.

Smart shoppers do this to save not to hoard. Although having a stock of a certain product is also good especially if your family use it regularly.  If there’s a way to save, there’s no harm in trying it out. However, these coupons have a duration or a specific date before it expires. Check the validity date and use it before it expires. Some of these items are limited and before you know it the stocks are gone and your coupons are useless. You might need to hit the next city and take a chance. Check the expiry date of the product before you put it in your cart. And lastly, determine the policies of the store regarding the use of multiple coupon transaction.

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