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Couponing Tips and Tricks

Couponing is not new to most people, it basically reduces their expenses dramatically. It is no secret that the economy is constantly changing which has a huge impact to people’s daily lives. Prices of commodities are  increasing but the salary is not moving up, so to be able to survive individuals resort to couponing. These pieces of papers can cut down the expenses of a family but there are only a few who knows how to use  it correctly. By using it the right way, you can save as much as 70 % which is a great deal. If this is new to you, then read the following. Listed are couponing tips that will help you lessen your expenses every month :

  • Subscribe to a newspaper – most coupons are clipped inside Sunday newspapers
  • Grab fliers – look for daily/weekly fliers, most of the time it  is ignored and located inside the trash bins. Remember the song “you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry” put those fliers in your pocket and sort it at home.
  • Cut out coupons – read Sunday newspapers wherein coupons are clipped
  • Match coupons – select coupons that match or group it accordingly, you can get the best deals as you do this
  • Organize coupons – file these pieces of paper, do not jumble it, separate food, health, beauty and others.
  • Stick to the list – when doing your grocery for the entire week, stick to what is listed, bring the coupons, in case you like to buy something but is not listed and there’s no coupon for that item do not buy it especially if it is not needed.
  • Use coupons wisely – you’ll get bigger savings if you use these coupons correctly. You can use 2 or 3 coupons at a time but make sure it is imprinted on the coupon that you can do so.
  • Work on your Math – These coupons can trick you. Before hitting the grocery, do your math. Sit down, grab that calculator to determine the percentage of your possible savings.

It will take some time before you can accumulate some of these coupons. Couponing is a full time task, you need to spend hours or days before in searching for these coupons. In case you are too busy to handle this extensive task then you can negotiate with coupon cutters. These people will do job for you,  they will collect coupons for you from different resources and hand it to you. Bear in mind that coupons are not for sale, the payment charged would be for the handling fee which is around 6 % of the coupon’s value which is fair enough. Indeed couponing is easier these days.

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