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Beginners Guide to Coupons

A coupon no matter how small or big the discount it offers, it still can help an individual to save a few bucks. With these trying times, coupons serve as savior for moms who do the budgeting. The price hike of some of the frequently used items are unstoppable and the best way to beat this problem is to collect coupons.

Coupon comes in different forms, it is usually clipped with a newspaper, posted online or through mobile but it has the same goal which is to provide discounts. This is done by companies who want to introduce a certain product or service and to obtain more customers. Shoppers are quite fond of these coupons. They value every cent that is discounted and they prefer using these coupons rather than paying an item on its regular price. But some companies trick shoppers, a coupon can be useless at some point. One good example of this is purchasing 2 or 3 items first before you get the rebates which is lesser than the amount that you should have. Say, you have to at least buy 3 sodas first before you can get a glass. Ask yourself, is the glass worthy of purchasing 3 sodas? Well if it is signed by Madonna or JoliePitt then probably its a good buy. This is a form of a shady coupon. Be careful with this kind of coupon, instead of saving you spent over a none sense item.

Every coupon has a fine print. Make sure to read the content first before using the coupon. You might need to purchase items over $20 first before you can use the coupon. If it is really necessary and plays a vital part in your life then go for it. Bear in mind that these companies do not offer coupons just to give a generous discount behind this is they are making profits. The intention of these companies is to make you spend without realizing it. They are not charitable institutions that give away everything for free because if they do, they would go broke. The best thing that a consumer can do is to practice sensible couponing.

A coupon has bold letters and often times the fine print is neglected. Read it. Next, check the validity date, quantity and limitations. Check the product, see the expiry date who knows crooks can offer coupons because the item is nearly to expire. And lastly, use the coupon if it is really important. Having a coupon in hand doesn’t mean you have to use it right then and there. Keep it for bigger savings or if the item covered by the coupon is not a necessity then there’s no reason to keep it. Give the coupon to those who need it badly.

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