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Expired Coupons Can Help Families

I cleaned out my coupons and removed the expired ones, NOW WHAT? Don’t toss them in the garbage like you would think. You can help families save money just like us! Your expired coupons can help families in the military. Military families can use expired coupons for up to 3-6 months after the expiration date. This is a great way to help support our nations armed forces. Here are a couple great programs for you to send your coupons to. One great program is the overseas coupon program. Or you can contact Expired coupons for the Military by Facebook to get information about their program. If you would like to be more connected with a family you can send an email to asking for an address to send your expired coupons to. Once they respond with your families address, simply place your coupons in an envelope and mail. Once you send your coupons visit their  Facebook page for you to stay connected. Your effort can go along way in helping these families.

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