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Manufacturer VS Store Coupons

Manufacturers vs Store coupons, what is the difference and how to use them.

When I was starting out couponing I knew that there was a manufacturer and a store coupon but that was the extent of it. I would just use which ever coupon would save the most money. I had no clue that you could combine both offers in order to save more money.  A manufacturer coupon is the coupon that you would most likely find in your Sunday newspaper or, in or on the product its self. A store coupon is a coupon that you will get printed out from the store with your receipt, mailed to you personally by the store, or that you can find listed on the stores direct website. You can find out exactly what type of coupon it is easily by looking at the coupon. It will be listed right next to the expiration date. The best way to use these coupons is to stack them together. Most stores allow you to stack one manufacturers coupon with one store coupon per each item. (Check each stores coupon policy) This will save you the most money on each product.

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