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Product Points and Rewards

Free stuff, who doesn’t like it? Especially if it will be beneficial to you or if you get to choose the free product out of a list of great items. I recently started paying more attention product points. Usually I would open the product and throw away the papers and codes with out a second thought, until I realized how easy it is to enter the codes and get rewards. Now that I have started to accumulate points and reap the benefits, I recently started recommending collecting points and rewards to all my family and friends. The most time consuming part of it is just setting up your accounts with your information. Then all you do is just pile up your points and add them whenever you have a free moment and it won’t feel so time consuming. You can also watch your email and sometimes they will have specials for points and a half. Plus, you can always look at the rewards before you participate to see if there is anything that you like. But keep in mind that things come and go. I just like that all the prodcuts I collect have a kids and adult section regardless of if the product if for one or the other.

What poducts to you keep the points to get rewards later?

I collect:

Pampers Gifts to Grow points

Huggies Rewards Points

Disney Movie Rewards

Box Tops for Education

Labels for Education

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